Introducing Kidomatic – The friendly camera for kids and teens!

Today we’re very happy to introduce not one more app from JAJDO but 5 new apps from JAJDO. And the best thing, get the first one absolutely for free! Our new app is called Kidomatic – The Friendly Camera. The Kidomatic Friendly Camera features a playful and easy-to-use interface made for kids and teens who want to have fun with their photos. Once used to the Kidomatic Friendly Camera, go ahead and explore the Kidomatic Monster, Police... Read More

IT’S HERE! Jajdo proudly presents our first app – The ‘Buildo Rescue’ Sticker Book!

At the beginning of the year we set out to launch Jajdo as a mobile app brand.  Since then we’ve been working hard on a series of learning apps for kids but have yet to launch one – until now that is! Head over to the  Buildo Rescue page to read more or go straight to the app store and buy it! Jajdo proudly presents  - The ‘Buildo Rescue’ Sticker Book! ‘Buildo Rescue’ features 103 hand designed, full-color stickers themed... Read More

This is why we started JAJDO

Easy really…our kids. (This is my youngest daughter Linn) Our kids give us so much,  if we can make a living and give them something back, then why wouldn’t we?  Read More

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