Pop ABC – The fun alphabet puzzle game for kids and family

‘Pop ABC’ is available for download now at iTunes App Store:

iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

App features:

- Classic puzzle game play
- Full color graphics
- Alphabet in your language choice
- Phonic repetition of letters
- Easy to use tutorials
- Tested by kids
- Reviewed by preschool education experts
- No in app purchasing

ABCs Pop: Fun Alphabet Puzzle Game for kids and family (perfect for 4-10 years old)

In ABCs Pop, your child will learn the alphabetic principle: to recognize letters and learn how letters are pronounced and sound. Once children are able to hear and discern sounds (phonemes), they are ready to associate those sounds with letters.

The ability to hear and discriminate phonemes is highly associated with reading readiness in early childhood and considered a critical skill for the development of reading skills.

This means kids learn to Identify and master their alphabet while having great fun!

Here you’ll find some tips for getting the most out of this app.

#1 How do letters look and sound? 
A lot of kids find it hard to match the sound of a letter together with its shape. Practice makes perfect! Why not encourage them to repeat aloud each letter they collect? Each level has 6 letters, so you can easily break up the alphabet into easy to learn chunks!

#2 Follow the action! 
ABCs Pop! has lots of special tricks and features for grabbing more points. Kids have an amazing natural capacity for discovery. They’ll figure this out often far quicker than adults because kids naturally seek to explore new environments. This is a great foundation for creative thinking. Encourage them and see how many bonus features you can spot together!

#3 Remember to have fun!
Too often we get too serious about learning and kids switch off. They want to play, so let them! With ABCs Pop! they’re learning the alphabet while they play. Why not join in and see if you can beat their top score?! Kids love to compete, so give them a challenge =)

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