We believe in mobile platforms as resources for learning.

Our idea?
To build learning apps that help kids from all over the world to realize their creative potential. Learning should be a creative experience. When you enjoy what you’re doing learning is fun!

Our mission is simple.
We build apps for brighter futures.

Our vision is clear.
Kids all around the world are using mobile devices to learn to read and write. This is the future of learning. We want our apps to encourage a new generation of learners to learn with a passion for what the like and enjoy doing.

The platforms?
JAJDO  build learning apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android & Playbooks.

JAJDO was founded by Johan Ronnestam, Andreas Wålm and Jonas Theder. We love design, we love technology but first and foremost we love our kids. And there you have it: we want to design great apps for our own kids.

If they love them we hope other kids will too!

  • http://bjornalberts.com Björn Alberts

    Rock on!

    • http://www.ronnestam.com/ Johan Ronnestam

      Thanks Bear!

  • http://www.mattiasostmar.net/ Mattias Östmar

    Way to go! Good luck and happy days! :-)

    • http://www.ronnestam.com/ Johan Ronnestam

      Tack min gode vän!

  • Noorbaig2009

    please guide me as how can i start the same for kids in my country….noorbaig2009@gmail.com

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