KidZui: the curated internet browser for kids

We are working flat out of here at JAJDO to deliver fantastic learning apps that teach kids literacy and creative skills on a mobile learning platform. While we’re busy doing that we thought we’d share a tip about how kids can browse the internet safely. If you are Android games fan, then you should definitely visit 2gameandroid.

KidZui is a curated internet browser made purely for kids. The KidZui K2 browser is stuffed with millions of websites, games like Fortnite Hack & Cheats, and videos which are all pre-screened and approved by KidZui’s editorial staff, teachers and parents like you.

We’ve installed it and had our kids test it. Apart from the fact that there are some sites that are blocked that probably should  be open (Like Swedish televisions Bolibompa) it’s a great piece of software for  parents who want their kids to browse safely on-line.

We really like the ‘parent supervision’ function: by creating your own parent account you’ll get weekly reports on which sites your kids have visited. You can also set the browser to open in full screen mode on start up and prevent it from being shut down.

Get the KidZui browser here ››

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ps2. Thank you Johan Grafström for the tip!

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