Introducing Kidomatic – The friendly camera for kids and teens!

Today we’re very happy to introduce not one more app from JAJDO but 5 new apps from JAJDO. And the best thing, get the first one absolutely for free! Our new app is called Kidomatic – The Friendly Camera.

The Kidomatic Friendly Camera features a playful and easy-to-use interface made for kids and teens who want to have fun with their photos.

Once used to the Kidomatic Friendly Camera, go ahead and explore the Kidomatic Monster, Police or Princess camera. There are 120+ icons, fun frames, pencils, brushes and spraycans to enjoy. And of course you can export and share your pictures with your friends and family!

- Child-friendly menus.
- Add fun stickers on top of your pictures.
- Place beautiful frames over your photos.
- Use the spraypaint, pencils and brushes to make your image even more personal.
- Sticker book functionality.
- Drag’n drop letters with phonetic representation.
- Get the Monster, Police, Princess and Christmas camera too.

Click here to get Kidomatic for Free!


  • Dierdre Bove

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