Got Kids? Get Culture! Free until the 6th of february.

Follow up to ‘Buildo Rescue’ and ‘Buildo History’ – here’s the Buildo Museum Sticker Book! Our latest educational app for kids.

The Buildo story continues! The Buildo Museum app is JAJDO’s attempt to turn your kids into cultural monsters. Watch ‘em play around and create their own stories with more than 100 stickers in the Buildo Museum sticker book! It’s easy, playful and educational!

Get your copy now in the app store or read more about Buildo Museum here.

  • Walker Inge

    While there are many apps out there geared toward children these days, one in particular I found very educational is A Jazzy ABC. The games are very entertaining for the kids, but also effective at teaching them about language and music simultaneously. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

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