We believe in mobile platforms as resources for learning.

Our idea? To build learning apps that help kids from all over the world to realize their creative potential. Learning should be a creative experience. When you enjoy what you’re doing learning is fun! Our mission is simple. We build apps for brighter futures. Our vision is clear. Kids all around the world are using [...]


This is why we started JAJDO

Easy really…our kids. (This is my youngest daughter Linn) Our kids give us so much,  if we can make a living and give them something back, then why wouldn’t we?


Follow JAJDO On Twitter

We’re just getting started. But as time goes by we’ll leak new things as often as we can about our new venture. Sketches, gaming ideas, alpha tester invites etc. If you wanna keep up with us, why not follow JAJDO on Twitter. Peep peep!


Hey World! We’re JAJDO!

Welcome to a new blog from JAJDO – A Swedish company focused on creating the world’s best iPhone, iPad and Android learning apps. We want to help children aged 1-7 years to understand this amazing world we live. To help them acquire literacy skills and their own creative voice! This post marks the start of [...]

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