Introducing Kidomatic – The friendly camera for kids and teens!

Today we’re very happy to introduce not one more app from JAJDO but 5 new apps from JAJDO. And the best thing, get the first one absolutely for free! Our new app is called Kidomatic – The Friendly Camera. The Kidomatic Friendly Camera features a playful and easy-to-use interface made for kids and teens who want [...]


Introducing Pop ABC – Phonetic learning at it’s best!

We’re really proud to introduce Pop ABC – The fun alphabet puzzle game for kids and family. Pop ABCs is JAJDO’s fourth iOS app and follows top selling spots in App Stores all over Europe for Buildo Rescue, Buildo History and Buildo Museum. Read more about it or head over to the app store and get [...]


Got Kids? Get Culture! Free until the 6th of february.

Follow up to ‘Buildo Rescue’ and ‘Buildo History’ – here’s the Buildo Museum Sticker Book! Our latest educational app for kids. The Buildo story continues! The Buildo Museum app is JAJDO’s attempt to turn your kids into cultural monsters. Watch ‘em play around and create their own stories with more than 100 stickers in the [...]


Buildo and MU are back. let’s rewrite History!

After the incredible success of ‘Buildo Rescue’, #1 Education App @ Sweden’s App Store, we are super happy to announce the launch of our latest app: ‘Buildo HISTORY’! ‘Buildo History’ is a sticker book app with 100’s of hand drawn stickers themed around three historical eras: Medieval, Prehistoric and VIKING! There are witches, wizards, princes, [...]


IT’S HERE! Jajdo proudly presents our first app – The ‘Buildo Rescue’ Sticker Book!

At the beginning of the year we set out to launch Jajdo as a mobile app brand.  Since then we’ve been working hard on a series of learning apps for kids but have yet to launch one – until now that is! Head over to the  Buildo Rescue page to read more or go straight to the [...]


We’re getting closer to building brighter futures!

But for now here’s a little teaser… We have a series of learning apps for kids that we think are just fab! And they are almost ready to roll… So why not check out our first release and watch this space for news of more ‘apps for kids’ coming soon!


KidZui: the curated internet browser for kids

We are working flat out of here at JAJDO to deliver fantastic learning apps that teach kids literacy and creative skills on a mobile learning platform. While we’re busy doing that we thought we’d share a tip about how kids can browse the internet safely. If you are Android games fan, then you should definitely visit [...]


Our favorite mind mapping app: The MindMeister

One of our favourite tools for mapping our ideas and outlining user flow is an app for the iPad called Mindmeister. It’s a great tool that lets you collaborate with your colleagues both through your iPad and over the internet. A great feature of the internet version  is that it’s super easy to invite more collaborators which [...]


The Start Up Metric Chart. Something For Us To Consider

Ran into this beautifully crafted illustration yesterday on Twitter. It was posted by Michael Batistic. Originally it’s made up by the web analytical firm KISSmetrics. Definitely worth remembering for both us and you. Enjoy!


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