Buildo History

‘Buildo History’ is available for download now at iTunes App Store:

iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

App features:

- 3 unique historical scenes: Medieval, Prehistoric and Viking!
- 100s of full-color stickers including: knights, treasure, princesses, wizards, dragons, Viking longboats, dinosaurs and lots, lots more
- Scrollable panoramic backgrounds with interactive sounds
- Each sticker can be scaled, rotated and flipped
- Our very own “Moms & Dads’ Zone” with tips for further creative learning
- ‘Made for kids’ menus

A full color sticker book app for kids aged 1-9.

Buildo is back! Knights in armor, dragons, princesses, Vikings & dinosaurs! With over 100 new stickers to choose between! Witches, wizards, princes, princesses, dragons, Vikings and sabre-toothed tigers… all beautifully hand designed and themed around three historical eras: Medieval, Prehistoric and VIKING! Simply drag a sticker into a story scene and start writing History!

Here you’ll find some tips for getting the most out of this app.

‘Buildo History’ aims to start kids thinking about creative story telling. Studies have shown that children who are able to build narratives from an early age often go on to be more successful in schooled environments.

#1 Watch and observe! Kids do the most amazing things that often we just can’t predict. Watch how they interact with this app and learn how to drag, drop and resize objects. Creativity is all about exploring, experiencing new ideas and having fun!

#2 Ask what they’re doing! Simple as that! Show some interest and ask them to explain what they’re doing. Try some role-play and perhaps invent a name or scenario for the characters they have dragged into the scenes.

#3 Start to build a story! As they get more confident using the app, encourage them to build a story by asking questions about individual characters. What are they doing? Where are they going? What’s happening now? You can even scroll left and right and go from one event to another. Pretty soon your child will start creating his or her own stories from the ‘Buildo’ scenes.

Have fun learning!

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